About Us

Welcome to Chopstix DSM, where the vibrant flavors of Vietnam come alive in the digital realm. Born from the legacy of our beloved restaurant in Grimes, Iowa, this platform is a testament to our enduring passion for authentic Vietnamese cuisine and our desire to share its richness with the world.

Our journey began in the quaint town of Grimes, where Chopstix DSM stood not just as a restaurant but as a cultural beacon. For years, locals and travelers alike were treated to the genuine tastes of Vietnam, each dish telling a story of tradition, family, and love.

From the aromatic Phở that warmed many winter nights to the refreshing Bún chả that became a summer favorite, our restaurant was a haven for those seeking an authentic Vietnamese culinary experience.

While the physical doors of our restaurant may have closed, our mission to celebrate and share Vietnamese cuisine has not wavered. Chopstix DSM, in its digital avatar, continues to be a repository of cherished recipes, age-old cooking techniques, and the stories that make Vietnamese food so special.

Every recipe you encounter here is a reflection of our roots. Crafted with care, they encapsulate the essence of traditional Vietnamese cooking, blending the symphony of flavors and textures that the cuisine is renowned for.

Our blog goes beyond just recipes; it dives deep into the heart of Vietnam’s culinary heritage, unraveling the tales behind each dish and the significance of the ingredients that bring them to life.

Our team, a mix of chefs who once graced our restaurant’s kitchen and passionate culinary storytellers, work tirelessly to ensure that Chopstix DSM remains true to its origins.

We travel, research, and continuously learn, ensuring that what you read and recreate from our blog is as authentic as the meals once served on the tables of our Grimes establishment.

At Chopstix DSM, we also understand the evolution of food. While we hold the traditions of Vietnamese cooking in high regard, we’re not shy about introducing contemporary twists, making the cuisine approachable and relatable to a global audience.

In essence, Chopstix DSM is more than just a Vietnamese food blog. It’s a legacy, a tribute to our restaurant’s glorious past, and a commitment to ensuring that the flavors of Vietnam continue to enchant palates around the world.

So, whether you dined with us in Grimes and are looking to relive those flavors or are a new visitor eager to embark on a Vietnamese culinary journey, you’re in the right place. Join us as we continue to stir the pot, share our stories, and celebrate the timeless allure of Vietnamese cuisine.

Welcome to Chopstix DSM. The spirit of our Grimes restaurant lives on, one recipe at a time.